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Top 5 “Must Try” New Foods @MNStateFair

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When asked, “What are your top 3 must try foods at the fair”, I realized how difficult that is to choose, or even recommend just 3.  So, I tried to expand my response to 5 “new” foods for 2015. And, you’ll see with my “honorable mention list”, that is still a struggle! There are the obvious (and not so obvious) classic foods that I highlighted in my previous post. And, there is the disclaimer that I still haven’t tried all the new foods, but definitely have hit some of the most notable, with still four days to go!

So…for now, here’s my “Top 5”:

Mancini’s Farm Fresh Grilled Pizza. The reason this tops my list is because, of course, it tastes really good, with a crispy, flavorful crust along with goat cheese and fresh veggies. But, I think it stands out to me because it’s a bit of a “non-conformist” in setting the bar for bringing high quality, delicious food to an event, like the State Fair. In fact, in a conversation I had with the President of the fair, Jim Sinclair, he mentioned that the fair prides themselves on not choosing food and vendors just because it’s “fried” and some version of “food-on-a-stick”. So good for Mancini’s for bringing this to the fair!IMG_2922

The Blue Barn’s Cowboy Daves Cluck and Moo. This was a little like a delicious “bowl of Thanksgiving”. Another a-typical fair food item done well. I recommend paring this with their Meatloaf-on-a-Stick and sharing with at least one other person (or a group)!

IMG_3010 IMG_3011

Sriracha Balls from Alton’s Wings & BBQ (located in the Coliseum). I have to put these on my list, because of wonderful spicy paring of chicken, corn and tomatoes, and panko breading. They are reasonably priced (a portion of 2, decently sized for $4). And, because they are in the Coliseum building – and, if you haven’t been in the Coliseum for a show, then you are truly missing out! Plus, it’s air conditioned there!

Sriracha Balls

Salted Caramel Puff Malts and Sundaes from the Dairy Goodness Bar in the Dairy Building. Who would’ve thought to put salty, crunchy puff corn and caramel on ice cream? Of course, a state fair food vendor. A stop by the dairy building for an ice cream really needs to be a must-do for a MN State Fair-goer (in my opinion). So, this is a nice addition to their flavorful menu of ice cream treats!

IMG_2958 IMG_2959

Korean BBQ Beef Taco’s from Shanghaied Henri’s International Taco’s. Another nice option for a fair food – that is easily shareable. There are a number of taco varieties to choose from.


Honorable Mentions:

Buffalo d’Bones from Famous Daves. Definitely the better option for ribs at the fair!


Prime Rib To-Go from Coasters. If you like Philly cheese steak sandwiches, then this may be for you (although no cheese on this one).

Prime Rib at Coasters

Prime Rib To-Go from Coasters

Chilled Bread Pudding from Blue Moon Dine-In Theater. I tried the classic vanilla with salted caramel and pecan topping. It was very good (if you like bread pudding). I heard the “Old Fashioned Challah” was very delicious, so may have to go back and try that one!


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