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The Top 5 Obvious (and Not So Obvious) Foods to Savor @MNStateFair

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We are over half way through the 12 day adventure at The Minnesota State Fair and there is still SO much yet to see and do! But, I wanted to stop and reflect on what many of the visitors we hang out with at the fair proclaim as their MN state fair food favorites.

Although my quest has been to try as many of the 40 new foods featured this year, who can resist those “classic” favorite foods? You know, those foods that have been around forever, and have become known as the go-to for every fair-goers visit.

With over 500 foods and 300 different vendors, I’ve come to realize that there are those obvious “classic” favorites most people know about, but there are so many awesome “classics” that seem to go missed.

So, if you are headed out to the fair for one of the last remaining days, perhaps you too may discover a new “classic” favorite!

Top 5 Obvious “Classic” Fair Foods

  1. Sweet Corn-on-the-Cob from the Corn Roast
  2. Sweet Martha’s Cookies
  3. Ice cream, Malt or Sundae from the Dairy Barn
  4. Cheese Curds
  5. Fresh Fries
MN fair food corn

Sweet corn-on-the-cob from the Corn Roast

Top 5 Not-so-obvious “Classic” Fair Foods

  1. Carl’s Gizmo Sandwich; Located on the West side of Cooper St. between Murphy & Lee avenues
  2. Carousel BBQ Pork Chop-on-a-Stick; Tip: you can buy the seasoning for your own state fair pork chops for the rest of the year! Located on the South side of West Dan Patch Ave. between Liggett & Chambers streets
  3. Turkey-to-Go; Located on the East side of Clough St. between Carnes & Judson avenues
  4. O’ Gara’s Reuben Sandwich; At the Southwest corner of Dan Patch Ave. & Cosgrove St.
  5. Island Noodles; At the International Bazaar, south wall
Carl's Gizmo

Carl’s Gizmo Sandwich shop – located north of Machinery Hill on the west side of Cooper street

Island Noodles

Island Noodles located in the International Bazaar packed with fresh veggies!

Well, and then there is the Pronto Pup…or Corn Dog, what’s your favorite?

Pronto pup

Corn Dog or Pronto Pup…which is your favorite?

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