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Catching Up on Food and Fun @MNStateFair!

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Last year, the Minnesota State Fair reached an all time attendance record over 1.8 million. So far this year, attendance is well on it’s way to a new high and if you had the chance to get out to the fair over the past few days, you know that first hand!


So, let’s catch up with the past few days of fair adventures.

First, a quick tour of the Eco Experience located on the East side of the fairgrounds. Great exhibit to walk through with friends or family. Every year they do a fabulous job educating on important environmental issues. This year featuring a “tornado” of plastic bags to encourage recycling.

IMG_2907 IMG_2906


Next, one of the top classic food items at the fair: the Gizmo. If you haven’t tried this amazing Italian sandwich, it’s a hit and highly recommended by regular fair-goers. Located a little north of Machinery Hill on Cooper Street.

IMG_2901 IMG_2903

And…maybe my surprising favorite new food at the fair so far this year: Mancini’s Farm Fresh Pizza. I would typically not get pizza at the fair because you can get great flat breads any time of year. But, this one was special! A grilled, crispy and delicate crust topped with flavorful fresh veggies and goat cheese. The Margherita pizza was also delicious, but the owner recommended the Farm Fresh pizza and we were not disappointed!


More fun watching the State Fair parade:

IMG_2832 IMG_2908

And more food:

Deep fried ribs at Ball Park Cafe – lots of meat, not a lot of flavor (and the line and wait makes this worth passing up)


Gluten-free BEE Nice Blueberry Minnesota muffin at Farmer’s Union Coffee Shop – very yummy! I had it late in the day and it would even better warm with a coffee first thing in the morning!


Korean BBQ Tacos at Shanghaied Henri’s – Worth the wait and great to share!


A little more fun… people watching, shopping, and catching the free entertainment. “Rockin’ Woody” shown below at Mancini’s.

IMG_2900 IMG_2919 IMG_2881

And, lastly, one food I would not recommend was the Steak Apizzaiola from Spaghetti Eddie’s. There are just too many other terrific choices with food at the fair that I wouldn’t spend my money on this one (Oh, I did! But, recommend  you don’t!)


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