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Opening Day at MN State Fair!

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It’s time for The Great Minnesota Get Together! Lots of food – of course. But, the fair is much, much more than just food on a stick. Whether it’s checking out the animal barns, catching a horse show in the Coliseum, watching the lively parade, or finding a place to plop and enjoy great music, the Minnesota State Fair is packed with high quality activities, events and exhibits. One day is truly not enough to savor everything the fair has to offer!

While I could dedicate the remaining days of the fair (11 to be exact) to writing about all the entertainment and exhibits (that many fair-goers unfortunately miss out on); the most common question I get from folks is “What food have you tried?” and “What’s good to eat?” So, we’ll focus on that for now.

Looking for a nice summary of 2015 New Foods? This is a good one: Fair 15_new_foods_list

Looking for a good app for finding foods at the fair? Check out the Minnesota State Fair App! http://www.mnstatefair.org/general_info/mobile.html

Looking for some honest advice about food at the fair (with pictures of what the food really looks like)? Then, follow me here or on Facebook to get updates and reviews.

So, here we go…

My favorite “new” foods from day one worth checking out include:

Buffalo ‘d Bones at Famous Daves – good sized ribs and wonderfully flavored sauce – smoky with a different “kick”.

Buffalo d' Bones

Wine-fried Kalettes at MN Wine Country – these topped my list because I’m not a huge fan of kale but thought this was a creative option with the popular veggie. A favorite among my group too. Also pictured here is the fried brie on a stick.

Wine-fried Kalettes

Sriracha Balls at Alton’s BBQ and Wings in the Coliseum – good-sized portions either with chicken or cream cheese (we tried both). Good, spicy flavor and easy to share!

Sriracha Balls

Other’s we tried that are also very good include:
Mac and Cheese Cupcake at Lulu’s – first, take the “cheese whiz” off the top. For mac and cheese – a nice effort.

Mac and Cheese at Lulu's

Chilled Bread Pudding at Blue Moon Diner Theater – I love traditional bread pudding, and wasn’t disappointed by this version. Lots of options for making your own. I chose vanilla bread pudding with salted caramel topping and pecans. There is also a gluten-free version with berries. May have to try that one too!

Chilled Bread Pudding at Blue Moon Diner Theater

Up North Shoreman’s Lunch at the Blue Barn – good but still prefer the Meatloaf on a Stick pictured below!

Meatloaf on a Stick at the Blue Barn.

My favorite “new food” from 2014. Even my hubby (who doesn’t like meatloaf) liked it!

Gluten-free Island Coleslaw with Teriyaki Chicken at Island Noodles – I love everything from this vendor, and this a very tasty addition to their menu. The chicken was very tender and full of flavor. My friend who sampled this with me doesn’t like mayo-based sauces (typical of a coleslaw) and commented that she really liked this sauce.

Gluten-free Island Coleslaw

Nice gluten-free option, but still prefer the Island Noodles from here!

Deep fried brie on a stick at Minnesota Wine Country – warm cheese and delicate batter. Very yummy if you like Brie.

I don’t recommend: Salted Caramel Apple pie at Sara’s Tipsy Pies (served cold and nothing special about the pie and $10 EXTRA for the toppings – yikes!)

Sara's Tipsy Pies

But, always good…and worth sharing with a group at $5 a serving, Cheese curds in the food building

Cheese Curds MN Fair Food

Plus…Gluten-free Beer battered Brat (a new food favorite from a couple years ago), and Grain Belt Blue Beer and Bloody Beer (new this year)!

Grain Belt Blue beer

Grain Belt Blue Beer only available at the Schell’s bar in the West End Market.

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I love food, family and fun! I also happen to be a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics. My passion is to help people achieve their goals with food, eating and overall health, while learning how to live a life where they feel free to embrace their best unique self and confidently dismiss cultural messages of beauty and success.

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